FIRST PART: get ready

  1. GET to Scratch platform. CLICK HERE
  2. Plug in your earphones/headphones
  3. USE the English interface   (Mrs. M will show you where to find it)
  4. LOOK at the bottom of the screen. FIND the "Tutorial" video. GO STEP BY STEP!
  5. DO all the activities
  6. REPORT to your teacher once you have finished.

Dove salvo il mio lavoro?

SECOND PART: be a gamer / programmer

  1. Make sure you are using Scratch in English.
  2. Use your copybook to help and take down notes if necessary.
  3. Click the bulb to get to TUTORIALS.
  4. Choose ONE among:
    - "Make a chase game" tutorial;
    - "Make a clicker game" tutorial;
    - "Pong game" tutorial;
    Click it.
  5. Create an interactive game following the tutorial.
  6. You can go on with other tutorials if you want but run them IN ENGLISH.

A lavoro compiuto, riceverai un certificato. Good luck.