Sigh! My students are very creative... Here are some of their bloopers in tests and exams.

I ate mathematics.


I prefer hell tree food.


I sleep in the nighting. 


I go to the park on Martedì.


"chewy" is the English for "masticoso"


Who cuts your hair?: "the hairbarbier"


I have got a yellow hair and a lighted blue eye


I slept too much on Sunday morning and I lost the mass


During the Christmas holiday I am going to go to the cinema with my friends and my grandma.


I'm going to walk my little brother.


Merry Chris Moss.


I went to the hospital and saw my uncle for family reasons


I don't like football, I ate it


Prof.... so come si dice, ma non so come si pronuncia.  


My cousin is four months old and it's his wedding in church on Sunday. (hummm, too young!)


He and his family are vegeterian because they eat only animals


We went to Israel on a plain


The Dead Sea is THE salted sea in the world


I like to sound flute


This novel is about a boy who is confiscated


The most famous is Christchurch Collage


My favourite film is Scereck


I visited my ant and my ankle


There is a big castle in Milan and the King lives in the castle


Milan is a big city situated in the sud of Italy


I expect your answer with heat


I attend your letter


The Queen is a famous singer


Mandela won the Peace Oscar